Disney World Here We Come

Disney World here we come!

Hello Everyone!

It has been a bumpy ride.  One of our Dogs, Shia has had a lot of flare ups with her unknown immune disorder.  I have been going to the vet about every 14 days and nursing her in the meantime.  I have so much medication and supplements that I give her daily, she thinks its normal.  I feel so bad sometimes, because whenever Shia hears a pill bottle shaking, she assumes it is for her.  We love our pets and our life together, but life can be difficult and we need a break.  It has been about 4 years since we have gone on vacation and that includes even a weekend together, so we are so super excited to get out of AZ and into a magical world of Disney.  Unfortunately my husband and I have not had the best luck going on vacation the last few times.  Somebody has gotten sick AND one of our pets has gotten sick or worse.  So I don’t know if it is just awful luck or life is trying to tell us something, but I truly hope our pets are okay while we are gone.  We did find a great pet sitting company, that is local, and will come to our home several times a day and spend the night while we are gone, so less worry for us.  I wish I could say “no worry” but if you know me, that probably will never happen.  I’m optimistic that things will get better.  It is extremely difficult to see anyone or any animal in pain, especially when you try everything you know with little results or getting worse.  So Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World will be a big distraction and that is exactly what we need right now.  Also, it will be so fun to revisit where we got married in Epcot a few years ago.  I had a terrible flu or reaction, on our wedding day that I didn’t fully get to be present.  So I am, over the moon excited to spend a moment where we got married.

I have heard Disney World is in the process of expanding their gluten free options along with healthier food items, so that will be awesome to see and taste!

We are leaving in a week, I will post updates when we get home!Disney World Joyandsensitivity.com

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