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I am Joy, former Midwesterner now living in Arizona with my wonderfully kind hubby Jesse


Jesse run JoyAndSensitivity.com










and 3 rescues (2 dogs and 1 cat) that we love very much.

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I am a first gen which means neither of my parents were born in the US.  I am a chaotic mix to say the very least.

I have had a weakened immune system and all kinds of ailments most of my life.  About 5 years ago I was in so much pain I would crawl up in a ball and lay on the bathroom floor, wishing for it all to be over.  My ears clicked for years and filled with fluid, I had unexplained skin patches, 20 +lbs. of swelling, sinus pain, bronchitis, migraines, strong intestinal cramping and the list went on and on.  Along with other issues, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor found I have Food Sensitivities, also called food intolerances, to many common ingredients.  I was relieved, finally finding a cause, now I am working on finding a cure, or at least significantly reducing my symptoms.

Is it possible to heal your body by eating well, loving yourself, and enjoying life in a healthy manner?  I believe it is.  In the meantime, I look for food I can eat that won’t make me ill and create wonderful recipes to share with you.  Hoping you become inspired about discovering your health.

My goal is to find myself, heal my body, and accelerate other’s healing by blogging about my experiences, food reviews, other helpful sites, videos, blogs and articles I find along the way.  This is a journey to be shared!

Now being real with you I am not perfect and will not claim to be but I do believe in honesty and being your true self.  So in full disclosure, I am not completely allergen free.  Although at restaurants, I still try to pick items that are better for me, fast food is fast food.  I do avoid those things at home most of the time( I would say over 90%), but not always.  I cook very healthy at home.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due and being good to others unless they are awful, then I go for the “life is short” route and take myself out of that position, as much as possible.

I renamed my blog to Joy and Sensitivity, to bring awareness to Food Sensitivity /Food Intolerances and to also being Sensitive to others whether it is a homeless person, senior, child, animal, or just a regular person on the street that looks like they may need a helping hand, a friendly smile or maybe just some nice conversation.  This approach is not only good for the other person or animal but it is good for your own spiritual soul.  So enJoy Life, grow your soul, be Sensitive to others and animals, and continue the healing.


I also love comments and to read about your own positive journey, so feel welcome to leave me a message or comment at the bottom of posts.

Thank You for visiting this site and please pass on the kindness and visit often.

Joy Lane

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