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I am just out in the yard following this butterfly, from branch to branch.  I am surprised he is letting me get so close to him and remaining on this blooming orange shrub.  I so enjoy inhaling the sweet fragrance of orange blossoms on a spring day.  It has rained a tiny bit, and for Arizona a tiny bit is a lot.  We average about 7″ a year for rainfall, so not a whole lot.  The sky is always much more clear after even a tiny rainfall.  The dust settles and the mountains that are in the distance, appear more closely and crisp.  The desert rejoices by giving us spring flowers and the blessings of baby wild horses on the Native Indian lands.  I have got to take some pictures for you guys of the wild horses.  We are not supposed to go on Indian land here and it is split with our very busy highway and impatient drivers.  The good thing is that the horses have an underpass to reach both sides.  So it makes it a little hard to get a good shot but at least the horses and their families roam free.  I wish the Indians would put in a creek and some cave-like shelter for the horses.  I understand wanting to keep it natural, but in all honesty, that went out the window with your two highways.  Of course I am grateful for the highways, but all that casino money could put the land back to a previous “natural” state.

Wishing you all well today and everyday.

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