Cheezy Herb Popcorn

Cheezy Herb Popcorn

Gluten free, Soy free, and Dairy free Stove top Popcorn

Buttery, herby, cheezy hot fresh popcorn available in about 5 minutes that you make in a pot on the stove.  How does that sound?   Oh and in case you didn’t notice the buttery and cheezy is soy free and dairy free.  This is a flexible recipe, where you choose the herb, add in the cheezy substitute, and a little soy free butter and you have an amazing snack with fewer calories than the typical piece of cake, sweet snack or even deep fried chip.  After the holidays, many of us are looking for a way to snack healthier.


Popcorn Cheezy Herb





I have had a love hate relationship with popcorn my whole life.  At home when I was a kid, my mom would attempt to make it for me on a very rare occasion.  She hated the smell of it and the smell of the overheated oil made everyone cough.  This was back in the day before microwaves were popular.   Then microwaves and microwave popcorn came into existence.  What a blessing, we all thought, especially in college!  Then after becoming educated as to what is in prepackaged popcorn along with becoming very sensitive to Soy, came a long lull without popcorn.  I think the memories of the hot burnt mess and smoke filled home with lingering unpleasant memories, came a subconscious distain for making it at home.  

Using a pot on the stove you don’t need another kitchen gadget.  I have so many kitchen tools and gadgets, but I use mine a lot, I don’t have room for any more.  Especially ones that are so specific and used more rarely.  And I wouldn’t want to buy one for popcorn.  It is just too limiting.  Although, I will say we have an air popper the in-laws got my hubby one year.  We are not fans of air poppers, the popcorn comes out soggy or stale and it is heated in plastic so the stove  is the way to go.  

There are a few tips to use along the way, that many popcorn manufacturers don’t display on their packages.  For instance, get Non-gmo popcorn, it is easier to find than you think.  Jolly time has it listed on their packages, and at my store, it was actually cheaper than similar brands and sizes.  If you can find organic that would be better, but it isn’t always easy to locate.  

The directions on the package, I used, recommended using 3 TBSP of oil for 1/3 Cup kernels.  That is unnecessary, I got away with using only 1 TBSP. of oil for HIGH Heat.  The key being getting heat appropriate oil with the proper smoke point.  When you choose your oil, check the package of the specific oil you are looking at and verify the temperature/ smoke point.  Oils vary so much, even within their own genre.  For example, Avocado oils for high heat still can have different smoke points.   So keep this in mind.

When choosing a pot for popcorn, you want a larger circumferance so the kernels can spread out and not lay on top of each other for easier popping and to help prevent burning.   Next, lightly preheating pot for 1-2 minutes before adding in the oil and popcorn, on medium heat, helps speed up the time of popping and reduces the oils exposure to heat.   Then I turn down my heat one notch and add in the oil and kernels at once and cover immediately, so not to get a hot splash of oiled kernel to the face.  Hey I am just looking out for you and maybe it has happened to me, no big deal.   It really is simple, and the more you make it the more comfortable you will be.  After all it only takes about 5 minutes total to have fresh hot flavorful popcorn, and you control the oil, and any restrictions. 




1/3 Cup GMO free Popcorn kernels

1 TBSP. Avocado Oil (or other High heat oil)

2 TBSP. Earth Balance Soyfree Butter melted

1 TBSP. Nutritional Yeast

1/2 tsp. Garlic Salt

1 tsp. Italian seasoning blend SF GF DF (or your choice of another blend)



1) Mix your garlic salt, Italian seasoning and Nutritional yeast.  Stir well and set aside.

2)  Preheat your 3 qt. pot for just 2 minutes and add your 1 Tbsp/ high heat oil on medium heat.

3)  Add your kernels and cover immediately with the lid.  Shake your pot to make sure the oil is covering all the kernels and that they are laying flat against the bottom of your pot.

Note:  You don’t want the kernels to be laying on top of each other 

4)  Continue to cook over medium heat and shaking occasionally to make sure the kernels on the bottom don’t burn.  Wait to hear the first popping and reduce heat one notch.  It should take about 3 minutes to finish popping.  Just like with the microwave bag of popcorn, when you don’t hear the popcorn popping or hear it popping much less, turn off the heat.  

5)  Loosen the lid so the steam escapes, but stays warm and get a really big bowl out so you can hand toss the popcorn and seasonings.  Dump your finished popcorn, and drizzle your melted butter and toss till your popcorn is covered.  Gently shake your mixed seasonings over top and toss again and you are ready!  Taste, you may not want all the seasonings or you may want more.  Munch on.

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Soy free, Dairy free, and Gluten free Cheezy Herb Popcorn

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