Choc. Chip Almond Butter Balls


Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Balls


Easy, quick, healthy and it looks like cookie dough.  Um I am thinking genius.  Talk about simple, I made these with my leftover Honey Almond Butter.  I love the idea of having a new purpose for a leftover, not only because it wastes less, saves time from having to prepare a whole new item, and it saves you money but mostly because I enjoy the challenge!   I have seen so many pictures for cookie dough balls on pinterest,  which is what gave me the idea.  

To take something and create a whole new item, is so much fun, especially when it is healthy.  I think these are not only a great snack but also fun for kids.  You can have them help you roll the balls or just pack them in their school lunch, or for an outing.  They don’t have to know they are healthy.  Even my hubby was downing these.  If you have a spouse or child that may not be interested in healthy items, you can try putting these in your fridge in a glass container label them cookie dough snack and see how long they last.  

Here is my  Honey Almond Butter Recipe.


I refrigerated the leftovers and rolled them in soy free, dairy free, gluten free mini chocolate chips, the following day.  

You can of course just roll them after you make it, but if your almond butter is still warm then the chocolate chips will melt.  So let it cool to room temp before adding the chocolate chips.  When the Almond Butter is cold from the refrigerator then it needs a quick warm up in your hand to make it more pliable and you should roll them over a plate to catch the chocolate chips that may leap from your ball.  


Almond Butter Choc. Chip Balls






  • Cool Almond Butter
  • Over a large plate, grab your allergy friendly mini chocolate chips and roll them into the Almond Butter in bite sized balls.  I like to use about a flat TBSP.(or small cookie scoop) or a little less of the almond butter for each ball.  A full batch of Honey Almond Butter mixed with about 1/8 Cup or more of mini chocolate chips, should yield about 12-14 bite sized (TBSP.) balls.
  • Refrigerate any leftovers.  

Yep that is it!







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