Cleaning Out The Pantry

Yes, it is that time for me.  My bi-annual cleaning of the pantry.  Since I have been baking and cooking a lot more, I need to reorganize some things.  It has been a long process for me to slowly purchase things I think will help me to better store and see what I have on hand.  Hopefully resulting in less waste, both food wise and in the pocket book.

I have purchased a bunch of OXO containers that I love but then realized, very quickly, that I needed labels too.  I found these guys and the pen on Amazon.  The white Chalk Ink pen works great as long as you let it dry before touching it.  I found out later it is better to put the sticker on your container first and then write on it.  Oh well you live and learn.

 Cleaning Out The Pantry


Chalk Labels























It is not perfect but it is all ours and it works.  You can see the stuff I write about, the Bob’s Red Mill mixes, coconut milk, Honeyville, etc.   There is very little junk and I just now realized how much of the asian market stuff I need to use before it expires.   I have a large kitchen and it is full to the brim.   I think we need to move and get an even bigger kitchen.  I tease my hubby about his Carnation Breakfast Costco box sitting in the middle right hand side.  I said,” Don’t get a big box of that stuff, you won’t use it”, and there it still lies with only a couple missing pouches and a couple weeks till they expire.  Oh Honey…what can I say other than “I love you”.

The glass canisters I purchased from Sur La Table, please use my link if you are interested in making a purchase.  I am an affiliate and the small amount I would make off your sale, at no additional cost to you, will help me run my site and continue to create exciting recipes for you.



Sur La Table Free Shipping


I also used the InterDesign Fridge and Freezer Binz for my pantry as well as for my fridge and freezer.  You can go to my Shop tab, Click on the Amazon astore link and look at Storage for the other items I own and use.



The white recycle bin with a lid was purchased from ikea.







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  1. I need to redo our pantry too! It is nice to see a real pantry for once. It still looks good but not magazine fake like.

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