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Happy Easter


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We started out this morning with the dogs searching for their easter baskets and treats we have hidden in the yard. We got started on this kick years ago and it was Nali’s favorite day.  I noticed she was able to gently pop open large easter eggs with her paw, and she loves finding things so it just made sense.  With Shya and Keena we don’t let them open the eggs.  This is Shya’s first Easter, and it went pretty well for her.  We hide Easter Eggs in the yard- the dogs find them, we open them and either feed them the dog treat or save it in their own baskets for later.

When we took a dog training class years ago, the teacher mentioned to play games with your dogs.  It helps prevent boredom and gives them exercise.  Plus for all.  When they use their nose to hunt, it is very exciting and fun for them as well.  Since then, we have played hide and seek with them either using a toy, treat or ourselves and take turns hiding.  Try it out at home, it could be fun for the whole family.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter, eat well, enjoy good company and have fun!

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