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Amy’s Mac and Cheeze, Rice Macaroni

Gluten Free -Dairy Free- Soy Free & Vegan made with Rice Pasta and Daiya Cheeze, No GMO’s

Amys Rice Macaroni











Amy’s Mac n cheese is a great option for those of us who cannot have dairy, soy and gluten and want a ready made meal or side.  You can find this in your grocer’s freezer, most likely in the allergy, gluten free or health food section.  I made mine according to the oven directions and it came out perfect, but there is also a toaster oven and microwave option.  Although if you know how I feel about microwaves, you know I only use it a few times a year.  The texture is light, soft with a slight chew.  It is creamy, not as creamy as the picture on the box, but quite creamy nonetheless.  The sauce is very mild in flavor and I like to add a good amount of black pepper to it, personal taste and all.  There is enough in this box for one serving as a meal or maybe a small side for two.  It definitely silenced my cravings for mac n cheese, at least for now.  I usually find it for just under $4 or for sale around $3.50. I wish it came in a family size!


Update: I have found it available on the Amy’s website in a Family Size!

Amy's Rice Mac








Amy’s Garden Vegetable Lasagna


Made with Organic Rice Pasta(Gluten Free), no GMO’s  & Vegetables.  Does contain dairy!

Amy"s Garden Lasagna












Amy’s Garden Vegetable Lasagna tastes like fresh veggies in a light and simple earthy tomato sauce, with a nice soft and chewy texture from the rice pasta.  You can see the chunks of tomatoes and zucchini hanging out on top of the sauce and a little sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.  Broccoli, Spinach, Carrots, and Tomato flavors are predominant in a nominally sweet, tomato and basil base.  It has an ample amount of vegetables and a spinach and ricotta cheese layer in the middle.  I recommend this lasagna if you can tolerate the dairy.

Amy's Garden Lasagna out