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Daiya’s Mozzerela Cheese


May 16, 2013

Dairy free, Casein free, and Soy free

This Cheese alternative is a blessing to have.  It is almost impossible to find a Dairy free, Casein free, and Soy free alternative cheese.  A little of this stuff goes a long way.  Which is great for saving your dollars.  You can just freeze the rest of the bag, and save for next time.  Now I have not found an alternative cheese I would snack on by itself, and the same goes for this stuff.  This serves a purpose, to add a creaminess and cheese like quality to hot dishes, if you find another brand (Dairy free, Casein free, Soy free, sesame free & preferable Non GMO) that you like better… please leave a comment to let me know.

If you have used alternative cheeses in the past you know it is extremely difficult to get those buggers to melt.  I have a couple tricks I learned from experimenting.

1) hot water.

If you are making pasta or boiling potatoes a little of that pot water goes a long way.  This is helpful for pasta dishes, soups, etc. Add it slow, and stir.  Add just a little at a time, make sure everything is evenly coated and go until you get the consistency you desire.

2) Olive oil mister

With pizza cheese, I have used a little olive oil, along with some Italian seasonings, on top of my pizza.  It makes the cheese more melty and just tastes better and this is no exception here.  With faux cheeses I use a little more olive oil and seasonings with this stuff than I do with Real Cheese ( I am not perfect, I cheat more often than I should).  The trick here is to invest in one of those oil Mister’s. I think we have 4 or 5 of them now.  We use  Misto Oil Sprayer for different oils as well.
These are great for salads, cooking, greasing baking pans, and allows an even mist and using less oil.



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Daiya fire -roasted vegetable pizza review

August 1, 3013






So let me start by saying that the directions suck or someone who wrote the directions was way off.  The directions state to put the temp at 500 in a conventional oven.  I had mine at 450.  They also said to bake it for 20-25 minutes, this burning you see before you was at about 15 minutes.  Do you see the problem?  Talk about a hot mess.  Well at this point there is not much to salvage.  The sauce seemed like a basic tomato sauce with an indication of sweetness.  The peppers on top tasted like soggy freezer burn.  I really can’t go on.


Daiya Pizza burnt