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september 2014

When we were in Tempe for the Triathlon, So Delicious was out there fighting the heat with ice creams in hand.  Free samples were given out and happily received by all.  Soy free and Dairy free ice cream bars, to be exact.


So Delicious West

So Delicious West

















They were also giving people a choice of one of the products you see here with proper Twitter entry and the coupon pamphlet you see in the middle of the pic below.  The coupon book had really great savings, and I was totally happy with it.  The people at So Delicious West were so friendly and helpful with everyone who came to the tent.  Honest people with a genuine belief and love of the So Delicious Brand.  I was happy to meet with all of them and hope they come visit again soon.

SoDelicious West booth on

So Delicious West Booth in Tempe



















On the left bottom is an amazing cookbook ‘So Delightful’,  filled with lots of great recipes from creative food bloggers.  This cookbook actually inspired me to try making donuts and led to my Pumpkin Spice Donuts recipe you never know where inspiration and encouragement will come from.   The bottom right is a canning jar insert from Bento, cuppow.  This insert is designed to fit into a glass canning jar, allowing separation of whatever your heart or stomach desires for on the go.  Amazon has it available here –Wide BNTO Canning Jar Lunchbox


keep in mind if you were to purchase this, there are different sizes in oz. and different openings for the jars i.e. wide vs. normal/narrow.  I absolutely loved this product.  I used it for granola and coconut yogurt parfaits and I made a chia overnight pudding, which was quite unappetizing.   Incidentally that is when I gave up on the whole chia pudding thing.  Any who the coconut milk and almond plus reviews will be added and I will announce it on Facebook when it is complete.


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Dairy free Coconut Milk – So Delicious Review

Consistency wise, the dairy free coconut milk is similar to a 2% cow’s milk.  Although it has been a while since I have had cow’s milk straight in a glass, so my memory is faint.  The unsweetened milk does have a vanilla scent and flavor, but not in the traditional tense.  Picture the flavor of cool whip, without the sugar but in a light milk form.  There you have it.  I cannot describe it any better than that.  I do enjoy this coconut milk and was quite surprised as to how much.  I have put it in smoothies and baked goods.  I love that it is unsweetened, otherwise I would just opt for eating their Coco whip and forgetting the milk altogether.  See that is the “fat girl”  inside me talking.  She comes out quite often to give her opinion and tends to overindulge.  Crap now I want to eat the Coco whip right out of the container.  Some day the skinny girl in me will come out, just not today.  Although this milk has only 45 calories per cup, so not too shabby on the calories.  I think you will enjoy it as much as I.  


Dairy free Coconut Milk Chocolate Beverage- So Delicious Review


SoD Chocolate milk review on










It smells like chocolate milk, it looks like chocolate milk, its consistency is like rich, thick chocolate milk and it tastes like real chocolatey chocolate milk.  The only thing I don’t like is… the aftertaste.  It does have a diet flavor to it, which I really am not fond of.  It uses organic dried cane syrup which is a plus but then adds Reb A(stevia extract).  I think So Delicious was going more for a calorie per serving goal versus a complete flavor goal.  In my opinion, the people that use stevia, and I have been one of them, are doing it to avoid sugar for whatever reasons.  Whether it is for health reasons, a restrictive diet, a cleanse, etc. the fact that this product includes both cane syrup and stevia brings the big question to mind.  Why would you include both?

If So Delicious could appeal to both categories of people, the ones avoiding natural sugar and those that focus on organic, in a separate manner, these would each be  5 star products.  Since they combined them, I give it a lower rating.   The good thing is that even though the main ingredient is organic coconut milk, I truly don’t taste coconut.   In conclusion, if you are like me and don’t care about the calories since there are slim pickings on our types of restrictive diets, this is an okay product.    If you enjoy the taste of diet, like stevia mixed with sugar, and focus on 100 calories per serving-you will love this product!

I received this product from SoDelicious


 Barista Style Coconut Milk Beverage So Delicious Review

SoD Barista Creamer review on












Light, smooth, and mildly sweetened creamer.  Ten calories per one TBSP.  which is great but you can taste why.  Right off the bat, I noticed how thin and watery this “creamer” truly is.  I think of it more like a rice milk mixed with the tiniest hint of coconut.   No heavy flavors or sweeteners, just a mild flavor.  This is somewhat of a flop, which is sad considering how I was looking forward to this product.  If you are looking for a non-dairy creamer, So Delicious has another far superior product.  Slide over to the refrigerated section and pick up their French Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer instead.  Or just pour whatever almond or coconut milk from the carton in your fridge, for a thicker consistency.  I love SoDelicious,  just not this product.

I received this product from SoDelicious.




Yogurt Parfait So Delicious coconut yogurt review







Cultured Coconut Milk – Plain Unsweetened  So Delicious Review GF DF 

I refer to this as “coconut yogurt”.   I really don’t know why they cannot just label it as so, instead of calling it cultured coconut milk.  I don’t think of it as a  milk, I think of it as a “yogurt”.  I find it at the grocery stores alongside the other non-dairy yogurts or specialty yogurts.  I use this one in my baked goods (check out my pumpkin donut recipe), in my parfaits( pictured above) , as a substitute for sour cream; on top of baked potatoes and a dollop on my chili.  It is pretty much a staple in our home.  I am surprised, even the hubby likes it on potatoes and in his chili as well.  That has to count for something, right?

It smells like a buttery, a tad sour,  coconut.  Which I love!  It is versatile with its uses, and I prefer it not to be sweetened so I can control the amount of sugar I consume.   Plus if you look at the uses, most of them would not be good with a sweetened “yogurt”.   This does have a noticeable coconut flavor to it, but is minimal when used in smaller portions.  I sincerely love & recommend this product.







 So Delicious Coco Whip Review


SoDelicious coco whip on










Feb. 6 2015

Dare I say it?  Dare I say it is better than Cool Whip?  I do, in fact… I dare.  I wish I had tasted this stuff earlier, cause I could eat the whole darn tub.  Maybe that is not a good thing then it would be tubs in the multiples sense.  You all know me, if I like something, I like it.  If I don’t you will know exactly why…but me loving something this much, is a rarity indeed!  It is awesome sauce in whipped form.  So picture the texture and smell of cool whip.  Okay now picture the taste as best you can, and add just a hint of real coconut.  Just a hint, I swear.  So I haven’t tried to sub this with another recipe with cool whip, but I am betting if you did you would not know this was coconut based.  Sweet, fluffy, vanilla..y and so damn good.  I just ate a huge spoonful (aka 1/6 of the tub), and I am fiending for more.