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So lately I have not been feeling well.  I am just letting you all know so you don’t think I disappeared or have left the blogosphere.  It has gotten to the point where I barely eat and sleep a lot.  This has happened to me before, but it feels different and until the doctors figure out what is entirely wrong with me, I won’t be making more recipes until the nausea stops.  To be honest even talking about food, grosses me out a little.  Right now, all I know is that I have a couple Ovarian cysts, which may or may not pose an issue.  I am getting repeated testing (sonograms) and will be taking typical progesterone which makes me feel so much worse.   Having had previous issues with my cervix as a teen, this sort of stuff tends to freak me out probably more than it should or… maybe just enough to make sure I keep going back for testing.   The good news is that since October, I had one cyst that was 3cm, the size of a golf ball, now that one is half the size.  They did find another one on the other ovary but it is also 1.5 cm.  Which I find odd that there are two the same size on each ovary.  Anyway this summer I will go back June/July for another sonogram and follow up.  Wish me well.

I hope you are all well and continue your own journeys to health, and keep cooking.

Author: Joy

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