Green Flush Juice

Green Flush Juice

I created this juice for myself to get me over the holiday blahs and onto recovery!  It is simple and can easily be blended at once in your blender.  Refreshing from the lemon and ginger, with some sweetness from the apple.  If you haven’t juiced before, you really should just give it a go.  You can try doing 2 apples the first few times to get you used to greens if you don’t ever eat anything green.  America amazes me with the lack of nutrition and awareness that seems to be quite common.   Many other countries may not be much better with sugars and fat, but they at least include vegetables such as the Mediterranean lifestyle, and many Arab countries.  Just try replacing one meal a day.  It really takes the pressure off of you for having to cook, plan and clean up.  So even if you are not thrilled with the idea of health or vegetables, how about the idea of less time and mess?  Start with trying a recipe that sounds easy and appeals to your taste buds.  Your body will be smiling on the inside.  Think of juicing as giving your body the nutrients it needs and a break from all the terrible crap we regularly ingest.  I am not saying do it for months, or replacing every meal for weight loss, just give your body a healthy vacation, for one meal a day and see how you feel.  Later if you want to do more, consult your doctor and do it with their agreement.  Always consult you doctor before starting a different diet.  Some vegetables and fruit can mix unpleasantly or counter your medications, so ask your doctor first, before starting!



We had a bit of stress from our girl(dog child) Shia getting sick over Thanksgiving weekend and then again in January.  We are thankful that at least the most recent time, we didn’t have to go to the Vet Emergency Clinic, and we were able to catch her fever and have a supply of backup meds at home.  I can be Miss Prepared when it comes to emergencies I have been through before.  I had the vet’s office give us a backup of meds and prescriptions called into our local pharmacy.  I was not happy with our last visit at the Vet ER.  They charged us like $1200 and never even read her charts or gave her medicine, that I included with her at time of admittance.  I have to keep myself from going into a massive rant about the healthcare issues, to say the very least, in this country for us and our pets.  I feel like cussing up a storm it makes me so mad.  We had been to this ER on more than one occasion, and they didn’t even bother reading her charts, cause there was too much info.  They gave her an IV and watched her and took her temp a couple of times.  Now comparing the two visits was like night and day on Mars.  The staff is so huge, I don’t think there was anyone I recognized, with the exception of one girl at the front desk.  That coupled with the golf ball cyst my latest gyno, found at the last visit. I freaked out a little, especially with my health past.

 The Ob/GYN’S office took over a month to call me, cause they couldn’t figure out how to dial my home number, apparently they were the only ones in the world who got a” number disconnected” message and when I mentioned the fact that their paperwork that they give everyone, has my cell phone number listed, mystified the office scheduling girl.  She also didn’t receive either of my messages.  Hmm I thought to myself, if this cyst turns out to need removal as suggested, do I really want this office to handle it?  Hells no.  I have another appointment with a male gyno next week.  Wish me luck!  Why an OB/GYN that isn’t rude, rough, actually helps you and follows up, is so difficult to come by… is a mystery.  I know, I know I got way off track when I was just trying to say, my body just needed a break.  On to the juice.  Actually right now I have a version of this sitting in front of me as I type.  I changed it up a little so I could share it with Shia.  Yeah our Vet approved juicing for our dog as well.  



Green Juice Flush on













  • 2 1/2 Cups filtered water
  • 2 inch piece of Ginger peeled
  • one qtr. wedge of Organic Lemon, seeded (yes i blended the peel too)
  • 1 – 2 Organic apples cored
  • 2 large leaves of Organic Swiss Chard


  1. Wash; lemon, apple(s) chard well.
  2. Put ingredients in your high powered blender, blend well and drink
  3. smile on the inside!  ( you will know what I mean after juicing a few times)




Green Juice Recipe

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