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 I am sure many of you have seen a recipe for Coconut Whip before but I think you will be pleasantly surprised and delighted at what just a little change can do for big flavor.  I tried the version where you just whip it out of a can, and ones with adding agave, but it didn’t really taste like whip cream, not even close.  So I played with this simple idea and added just a touch or three to give it more of the actual flavor of Whip Cream.    If you want to know which brand I prefer, it is Organic Thai Kitchen, or non Organic if I can’t find it.  I have only tried about 4 brands, but this one is thicker and whips up the best for me.  Feel free to try whatever ones you want, just make sure it is full fat, or it Won’t Whip!


Note: I have called Thai Kitchen and asked what is the timeframe for storing leftover coconut milk.

The response;   up to 4 days in the refrigerator whether it was used in a cooked dish or stored from the can into a container.  Don’t store in the can.  You can also freeze it in an appropriate container for up to 3 months.  Manufacturers could change at any time so be sure to double check.

Now when you freeze it, you won’t be able to whip it, it will need to go into a cooked dish, like a soup for example.  But at $2.25-$3.25  average per can, you should save to use it later.  Why not?  Every little bit helps.

Best Coconut Whip
























Joyful Coconut Whip





1) Refrigerate the canned Coconut Milk, overnight or about 8 hours.

2) Scoop from the top of the can, and remove all the thick white coconut and half of the clear liquid at the bottom and put it into a medium mixing bowl.

Note:  You should have about    2″  inches  of liquid left in the can.

3) Whip the full fat coconut milk, in the mixing bowl on high, for about 4 minutes.  I used my 5-Quart Stand Mixer
but you can do it by hand, it may take a bit longer.

4) Add the powdered Sugar and whip for an additional 1-2 minutes.

5) Add the Vanilla and Almond extract (not the fake crap) and continue whipping for another minute or until desired consistency.

6) Refrigerate.  This will thicken in the fridge as well, so if you get it a little thin, have no fear.

See Note on storing timeframe.

This stuff is great on cakes, brownies, strawberry shortcakes, with fresh fruit, etc. and even in hot chocolate or coffee although it does sink in beverages. 

Coconut Whip Spatula

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  1. I was happy to find that Trader Joe’s is now carrying cans of coconut cream. It’s nearly free of coconut water.

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    • That is awesome to read, I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the info. I am sure others will benefit from this as well.

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