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“I got this music in my mind, saying it’s gonna be alright.”  I just bought the newest Taylor Swift CD 1989.  I know, I didn’t download it.  I haven’t bought a CD in so long, let alone a whole set of songs, that  I can’t even remember when it was.  It’s definitely been at least 5 years, maybe 10, who knows.  At any rate it really puts me in a good mood.  So I thought I would ramble a little today. Just in case I start randomly typing words from her song, I thought I should notify you of what I am doing, so you have the reasoning behind the typing madness.

Okay, so I feel like I am cracked out.  I went to my annual appointment yesterday, and broke down and got the flu shot and a tetanus.  I know this will sound silly but a combination of watching all the crazy movies (that btw don’t seem quite so far off), that talk about foreign bodies other than what we are told are put into vaccines and coupled with seeing all the lawsuit advertisements about all the terrible side effects from numerous prescriptions, freaks me out.  Maybe it should and is a warning.  Maybe I am having some weird reaction that makes me feel like I am racing and euphoric.   I have to say, if this is a side effect, it ain’t so bad.  I mean out of all the side effects, this is looking pretty good.   If I am having a reaction, you are all my witnesses.

So where was I going with all this off the wall chatter?  No where specific in this moment.  That is the beauty of having your own writing space.  The freedom to write almost whatever you want.  After a bit of reflection, I don’t feel right not having any point to my off the wall typing so let’s chat a little about spreading kindness.

Today, I want to plant the seed of joy in your minds before the weekend starts.  Smile to a stranger, complement another, say hello with a friendly smile and see where this takes you.  You will be surprised the reactions you can find and how this simple and small act of kindness, can make a big impression in someone else.  I think it was last month or so, when I told a lady, probably in her early fifties she had pretty eyes( or something similar, like skin).  At any rate, she was so happy she responded with a big smile and said, I really made her day.  She went from sort of a solemn composure to a straightened back, standing tall, and a glowing look on her face with a big smile that lasted more than just our encounter.  People tend to get surprised when I complement them, but then look so happy.   I just love doing it.  I think it is important to take that moment and be aware of your surroundings, and find someone to just smile at.  Spread the love, and see what just another day turns into.

I think most people don’t want to take the time or even more commonly, people are afraid of what other people think about them.  I don’t really fully comprehend this concept.  In most cases I don’t give a care of what people think of me, whether they are strangers, friends, family, in-laws, I just don’t care.  I am happy with me, and what I am not happy with I try to improve.  My husband reminds me of how different I am, and I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand why people get so wrapped up in themselves, or get so worried about what others think, that they don’t even know themselves anymore.  Where I was heading, was that people are afraid to complement another from fear of that person giving them a look, or thinking that they are hitting on them, or getting weirded out, or many other reasons.  The truth… it could happen.  It is a slim chance, but so what?  So what if that stranger, that you just said had pretty eyes thinks you are weird.  The chances you will remember them or them you and you run into them again are pretty slim.  I mean don’t be creepy and get in their personal space and say inappropriate things, but a sincere simple complement is almost always appreciated.  I have made a habit of doing this whenever I run errands, which is a couple times a week, and I truthfully cannot remember the last time I complemented someone and it seemed to offend or go wrong.  So get out there, and spread a little happiness.  You may even have a fun time and make a new friend.  Have a great weekend!


Author: Joy

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