Mr. Kitty Finds a Home

A few months ago we found this cute, young, male cat hanging out by our trash cans.  At first he was shy but hungry and very appreciative of the food, water and occasionally milk I brought him.  He came around more and more.  Then Arizona had a prediction of the rains of all rains to pour down on us and I brought him inside, reluctantly.  I was reluctant, because after our Lab mix was mysteriously so ill in May I didn’t want to chance it.  I didn’t want to pose any risk of the mysterious illness to plague our newest addition that about maxed all our credit cards and tore at our hearts for a horrific week and grievous month or so after.  Our 90 day, wait period from the time she finished all her medications that kept the perilous fever at bay, was not up till October and it just seemed too much of a danger.  So I spent weeks trying to find a home or safe shelter and after being hung up on, told I had the wrong number when they were clearly lying, or flaked on.  I gave up.  At first I wasn’t sure why these places of haven for abused, hurt, or abandoned animals would be so weird to me.  I was trying to find a home for a dumped cat.  Aren’t we in this together?  Don’t we have a common goal?  I just didn’t get it.

The only thing I can think of is that, after hearing repeatedly that it was kitten season, these caring people are overwhelmed and underfunded.  Maybe they think I was just trying to dump an animal and lie, after all they haven’t met me, and for all I know this could be a wretched and disgusting commonality.  So sad, and I offered to pay for all his medical needs and donate $100 and we are on a tight budget.  This is a big deal for us, but probably a bigger deal for all of them.  I kept telling myself, look how stressed I am with one and some of these places have tens or over 100.  I cannot imagine, can you?



Here is the poster I made on InstaFrame.

Mr. Kitty insta




















My husbands niece who is very young but wise for her age, asked to see a picture of our cat.  I sent her the above pic.  She responded, “Your picture says he needs a loving home, and it looks like he has one.”  Very smart for a 9 year old, don’t you think?

So we buckled and brought our Shya in for more blood work to make sure she was okay with the stress of a new animal, let alone a cat, in our home.  She had been acting peculiarly, and it turns out it was just jealousy.  How many dogs do you know go limp and slide down the stairs backwards?  Yeah, just her.  Our vet and the staff think we get the weird ones, I think they are just extra special.  Anyway, her tests looked great, and we decided Mr. Kitty will be ours.


Now you know how they say everything happens for a reason.  Well I think half the time it is just bull, and life happens, but the other half seems to be true.  Mr. Kitty is here to teach me patience.  He ran away several times, and likes to slip by the door as we take the dogs potty outside.  He bit us a lot and scratched us, but he was wild, and had been neglected and dumped and was starving.  So you cannot blame him, his situation just sucked.  With time, love and lots of patience, he has calmed considerably and is learning not to bite hard and not to scratch.  He roams around the house out all the time now, and is just so cute.


Mr. Kitty keeps me company when I clean, correction attempt to clean.

Mr. Kitty closet


















He makes himself quite comfortable laying on the dogs blankets, brave boy.

Mr. Kitty blankets











He upgraded to our couch.

Mr. Kitty upsidedown couch













He loves to lick spots on the wall and he sucks on blankets like a pacifier and falls asleep with them in his mouth for comfort.

Mr. Kitty suck blanket












Mr. Kitty talks back when he has something to say.  He runs to my husband when he comes home and sits in his lap.  He loves food and if we don’t feed him when he is hungry, you will hear the cat food bag rustle and possibly fall off the counter.   Then when we pour his food, he puts his head right above the bowl and his food goes everywhere.  His favorite toy, is toilet paper rolls and I have gotten quite creative with their designs.  It is such a blessing to see him sleep on the couch and be comfortable, happy and purring.


Mr. Kitty tink





















Sleep tight, sweet boy.

If you have a good, safe, loving and responsible home and environment,  consider adopting an animal before the holidays or just in the future.  The holidays are especially full of animals that need that special someone or family to love and take care of them.  We could all use a little love and patience, just make sure you pass it on as well as receive it.  Pets are a blessing, and should be treated as such.  We bring them into our homes, therefore we are responsible for them.  We as owners, are to give them the correct amount of food (too much and too little is not good), fresh safe veggies, treats and water in clean bowls, keep them primarily in our homes and let them outside for potty and fun, hug them, kiss them, provide a safe and positive environment, take them to the vet when they are sick or hurt, take care of their teeth, watch over them and play & exercise with them.  Do to them as you would desire in their situation.  They are dependent on us, we should not be dependent on them.   They are a blessing, have beautiful souls and are pure Love.


If you cannot adopt for whatever reason, please consider donating to a local rescue or shelter near you.  They are in desperate need of supplies, and monetary sources.  So please be kind and pass it on.  The season for giving is upon us, all of us. blog

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