Old Town Farmer’s Market

Scottsdale, Arizona


Among the cacti, mountains and orange trees the Old Town of Scottsdale, Arizona has a vibrant farmer’s market.  A shared excitement comes in the fall on account that the farmers markets are back in business and in full swing.  Lots of fresh produce, raw honey and food trucks by the rows fill previously open spaces on corners or parking lots and make it a shopping haven for those of us that appreciate the variety of local produce, and street food conjoined in a small space accompanied by people and a few lucky dogs.

Tents, tarps, and nets in a somewhat assembled collection, sway overhead,  while table tops are organized in aisles displaying each vendors unique products, foods, and produce.  The aroma of grilled meats, fresh breads, and crisp produce diffuses into the crowd that methodically moves through the rows.


I do love my farmer’s markets and it is even more fun to go with friends, that share the same enthusiasm for fresh, raw, local, and/or organic.  If you haven’t been to one before or it has been too long to remember, by all means; go, shop, walk, eat, chill with friends and enjoy life, because you never know what you may find.  It could be a lifelong relationship with tamales, like I have found here


The Tamale Store on JoyAndSensitivity.com












or it could be a new friend.  Whatever, your heart desires, it could be out and about in the farmer’s market and if not… at least you will have a bag of fresh produce to bring home and maybe a few doggy kisses, fingers crossed.


microgreens on  JoyAndSensitivity.com










arizona microgreens on  JoyAndSensitivity.com












What did I bring home, you may ask?  Well about 3 jars of raw local honey.  Now that my hubby loves honey, I stock up.  Two bags of micro greens; one radish and one pea sprouts, next time I want to get the sunflower as well.  We also bought some local organic produce; lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, cabbage, cauliflower, and I think a few more.  We ate at the Tamale store, I got a vegetarian tamale and my hubby got a big breakfast burrito.  I feel a little bad I didn’t share my tamale with hubby, but they are not big so the following purchase I will get two tamales and share, maybe.


Our next trip,  I will take more pics at the market, it was pretty crowded and I was a little more concentrated on finding the tamale place and honey then taking pics.  Don’t let my lack of photos convince you that this place was anything but full of people, food, and new experiences.



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