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Today it is a cloudy sort of day.  We are on our way home from going to the vet’s office for a follow up.  I think the rainbow in the distance is the  universe’s way of telling us, everything is going to be okay.  I like to take the back roads home versus the highway so I can get a little peak at the country.  I miss seeing the country, especially since I grew up in Indiana.  I miss the corn growing in the fields with soybeans and patches of forest throughout.  The smell of freshly mown grass on weekend mornings.  Yes I moved to get away from the snow and ice and tornadoes, mission accomplished, but there are things I miss.  So this drive is my solitude, my version of meditating.  Peaceful, quiet, calm and the smell of rain in the distance hitting the hot dirt and dessert sand.  I can hear the mumbling thunder in the distance and see the rays of sun beaming through the brooding clouds.  I wanted to share a piece of myself, a small piece of my gratitude and mourn for the loss of our Nali and at the same time, life’s little pleasures.  She taught us so much, I wish I had learned sooner and hugged her even more.  Hug your loved ones and be thankful.


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In Remembrance

Nali, our girl, our love Thank You, for being the sweetest girl, a little weird, open to new people and experiences and taught us to observe everything and enjoy life’s little pleasures.  We love you and miss you everyday.

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