Scottsdale Citrus Juice Blend

A morning juice blend with coconut water and mixed citrus to keep you hydrated and Vitamin C’d up!  This should put a metaphorical twinkle in your eye.  A great way to start your day or as a little pick me up between your busy schedule, working out, dealing with the family, or whatever keeps you engaged.  


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I love citrus in their many varieties, but I cannot for the life of me get a tree to grow and prosper in our Arizona backyard.  It kind of ticks me off considering it I see neighborhoods and side streets lined with thriving citrus trees, and my “trees” haven’t grown in 7 years, and actually look similar to wild tumbleweeds.  I resort to picking up some local produce from the Agritopia Farm in Gilbert or a Scottsdale Farmer’s Market instead.  I buy a big mixed bag and make a morning juice blend that gets me up and feeling bright.  Maybe the Arizona sun shines through and that is a part of it, or maybe it’s because I replaced(hopefully) my morning coffee with fresh juice, either way I love it.  

As a kid, I hated grapefruit juice though.  The only time I got it is when I was really sick.  Unfortunately, my father pushed it on me, and he was a huge smoker.  He smoked out of the main house, but his hair, clothes, and skin was still saturated in the unfiltered pipe smoke.  Dis-gust-ing!  Why am I telling you this, well partly because if you are a smoker and you smoke around your own home, news flash I had to have an inhaler until I went to college.  Not cool.  Next, when he touched any food, it infused with his smokey hands, and just tasted utterly nasty.  I cannot imagine that helped me too much.  So it took me years after leaving home for me to be okay with grapefruit, and a few years more for me to actually desire it.   There isn’t any way better to get over a former food avoidance, than to try again under the most perfect of settings.  In this case, I mix fresh local grapefruit and a variety of sweet oranges for the perfect morning juice blend.  Now I realize very few of you live where you can see citrus trees growing in nearby neighborhoods, so when you go to the grocery store just ask the produce person about the different citrus varieties that are available.  Mix and match baby.   



Citrus Juice Blend


  • 1 Grapefruit (peeled and deseeded, no need to remove pith)
  • 3 Sweet Oranges mixed variety ( seeded and peeled)
  •  1 Cup coconut water
  • 1/2 – 1  Cup ice (depending on thickness desired)



Peeling Citrus on










Put in your high speed blender

in order given, and blend well till frothy!

Drink up.  Separation will occur if left sitting, remember to refrigerate any leftovers.

Scottsdale Citrus Juice Blend on


















Note- I don’t recommend adding any fiber to this drink, it kind of muffs it up.




Citrus Juice Blend with coconut water and mixed citrus


Author: Joy

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