Just a quick update… we got back safe and sound from Orlando and all our pets were just fine when we got home from our vacation.  That is the great news!  The bad news is that Hubby and I both got the flu the weekend before our trip and still have something fierce going on.  I have to say this is kicking our butts.  I haven’t had the flu linger so long before.  Oh wait last year, 6 weeks was the winner.  So I guess this is close.  The difference is that I caught 3 different things this time, one right after the other and hubby had the same thing for over 2 weeks, but he is well now.  As many vitamins as I took and take currently, it is hard to believe this took me down as it did.

Shia has had a few flare ups which totally sucks,  so I am trying to take care of her as well.  The good news is that even though my Gynecologist has not figured out what is wrong with me, my Naturopath had me do some blood testing at Walgreens.  Yes Walgreens, I know right? It was actually very nice, very clean and quick once I realized I was supposed to sign in at the pharmacy counter not the other Theranos health counter.  I actually preferred Walgreens to a lab, by far!  No one was ahead of me on a Saturday late morning.   The draw room, was clean and designed modern(think ikea), it was fast and pleasant and I got a bottle of water after.  You can’t beat that.  I had to find a Walgreens that had the …let’s call it ‘health center’ which was a little drive for me, but since it was close to a great outdoor breakfast place, we made a day of it.  Also, at Walgreens they had financial caps for each Section of the blood draw.  For example, let’s say you needed hormone testing(which I did) and let’s say in the hormone section there are 10 different tests(I am making it up but you get the idea) and lets say that each test ranges in price from $8 to $28 which would total to over $200(again making up numbers) but it has a cap price of $60 even if you take every test in that section.  Sweet, right?  And they filed with my insurance, so all I needed to do was sign a couple papers.  Oh and of course there is an app for it.  Where you can log in and get your results.

I may have gotten off course, but I was so excited to share this with you!  In the end, I have a low Thyroid and low progesterone, so back to pills.  I have already been on the progesterone cream for a bit now and it doesn’t effect me like the standard progesterone pills, pretty exciting!  I am on some supplements as well, for my thyroid… oh and I have a vitamin D supplement too.  Hard to imagine having a vitamin D deficiency in AZ but I was trying to stay out of the sun.  I am on the mend, slowly but surely and I would love some positive thoughts for our Shia, to get better.

Take care of you, until then.


Author: Joy

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