Thanks in Giving

That’s what I said, Thanks in Giving.  The season is upon us to give.  Many of us have fallen prey to hard times with the recent rise and fall of the economy the last 7 years, or at least been faced with that feeling.  You know, the feeling of desperation, fear, and that growing pit in your stomach when you wonder, will it be okay?  Not that any of us ever desire to relive those not so good times, but the idea of keeping a type of distant memorial in your mind may remind you just enough to help others, when you are on more solid ground.

Hopefully we take the time to reflect and slow down, looking around ourselves and really seeing how good our lives are, even though at times it may not feel that way when we are all stressed out or are just moving too fast to notice life.  When I am at the grocery stores, or out shopping, I think about all the people and animals that don’t have life’s basic essentials and it does tug at my heart even more so, during this time of year.   I wish I could fix the world, but I cannot.  I have to remind myself, even though life has not donned this task to any one person, perhaps we all should take just a little piece of the world to make it better.  Maybe it is donating your time to something that means a lot to you or to someone you care about, or  it could be giving a nice hot cup of coffee and an old jacket to keep a homeless person warm, it could be adopting a new pet and giving it love for a lifetime, it could be food at your church or local charity, or how about your time with a senior, or child who has no one? It could be so many things, and I will not be the one who says, ” You have to give to my blank charity”, but I will say to find something that moves you and go for it!  Find something you believe in and that means something to you.  Even if you just donate $5 or clothes you haven’t worn in years, cans of food from your pantry, you can find something to help another.

My husband and I truly enjoy donating what we can to various places.  Sometimes we donate our used but cleaned and still nice, clothing to homeless shelters, churches, food banks, women’s abuse shelters and/or locally ran thrift stores that rescue animals and use the proceeds to aid in that.  So even if funds are tight, we find a way to do something, to donate something, to help someone no matter what our situation is, because someone else has it worse.   I wish I could help inspire the world to view life like that even for one day.    Maybe when you go to your local or box store for pet food or groceries, take a look around there is most likely a great opportunity to donate a few dollars, food, toys, clothing, etc., to help make a difference in someone’s life.   There are just so many in need, and we can all find a way.   Every little bit does help.


Happy ThanksGiving to All!

With Love,


Author: Joy

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